Gorilla Tango has built a community of producers that focus on profitability and sustainability. We've produced over 1,000 shows with this model and we look forward to producing 1,000 more! We are successful by helping producers and production companies be successful.
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Have any other questions? Want a tour of the theatre? Want to find out what dates are available? Contact [email protected] (or fill out the form below) for more information.

Who does what?

We Supply: 
- Performance space
- Rehearsal space
- Box-office
- Online Ticketing
- House Management
- Basic Marketing
- Etc. Etc. Etc.
You Supply:
- A produced show
- A ticket revenue guarantee
- Hustle, motivation, and fun

Distribution Network

GTT is now focusing on distributing financially successful shows to other theatres nationwide! All shows performed at our space are considered for distribution. Have an original show that's got a proven track record but wasn't performed at GTT? GTT may still be interested in financing the distribution via our network. Contact us to submit a proposal.

Our Online Producer Portal

To make things easier for those producing their shows at GTT, we give you access to a special section of our Producers' Portal to use for FREE rehearsal scheduling, real time ticket sales, access to our great PR info, and more!


Rehearsal Space

Just Looking to Rent Rehearsal Space? Login to the GTT Producer Portal, see both our Chicago and Skokie availability and book out your rehearsals per hour as needed!


You will find GTT's hourly rates the most inexpensive in the city. Now, GTT can help you with rehearsal space even if you are not performing at GTT.


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producers say

Producing at GTT is:
- Easy
- Cost-effective
- Profitable

Hollis R.
"I have had a lot of great opportunities in theatre since moving to Chicago, many of which have been at, or through, GTT. You are always so supportive and positive, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!"
Tim S.
"Thank you so much for being agreeable throughout this entire project. Honestly, as someone who works with Goodman, the DCA, Chicago Shakes, and Drury Lane on a regular basis, your attention and professionalism are unmatched."
Kyle R.
"Truly one of the best, I would work with GTT again in any capacity."