Miami Nice: A Golden Girls Musical


Picture it, Miami, 1986. Divorced and over 60, substitute teacher Dorothy Zbornak is spending another lonely Friday night playing Scrabble with her mother, Sophia. With the help of her roommates, the slutty Blanche Devereaux and the phenomenally stupid Rose Nylund, she is determined to land herself a man, or at the very least, a date. But with the revelation that Rose's idiot exterior is actually a cover for a cocaine distribution mastermind, the ladies are suddenly plunged into a blood-soaked world of drugs, guns, and cheesecake.

Written and Directed by Jeff Bouthiette
Music Direction by Stephanie McCullough Vlcek
Choreography by NIkki Pierce
Costumes by Kate Setzer Kamphausen
Props by Daniel Ryan Johnston
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Maggie Goodman

Eric Muller - Dorothy
Stacey Smith - Sophia
Eric Stallings - Rose
Grant Drager - Blanche
Julie Kimball-Bryant - Stan
Lisa Burton - Rico, Miles
Jenna Steege - Suave, Phil
Aasia Bullock - Lenny, Head Waiter

Produced by GTT.


Show Rating - R
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