SuperBoobs: A Superhero Burlesque Adventure


SuperBoobs: A Superhero Burlesque Adventure
has put her pasties in the Gorilla Tango Burlesque vault for the time being, but please check out our other


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We'd love to see you. And you'll LOVE seeing us.


"SuperBoobs! is excellent parody and provocative striptease melded together like no one but Gorilla Tango Burlesque is doing in Chicago right now."

-Chicago Stage Review

"Attention comic book fans! This show is for you."
-Wicker Park Pipeline

"You are going to see a hilarious parody centered around a geek theme that is near and dear to your heart. Yes, there are boobs. And they are great. But it is a show, and it's a show you're going to love."
-Jason F. (audience member)

"Burlesque brings out the fun in sexiness - there is no outright nudity, no fake boobs, no porno stylings. 'Superboobs' is Chicago theater at it's most kooky best."


Show Rating - R
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