Party On, Chicago!: The Choose-Your-Own-Drinking-Adventure


Gorilla Tango Originals proudly presents:

Written by Joseph H. White
Directed by Cara Winter

Party On Chicago!: The Choose-Your-Own-Drinking-Adventure takes the audience through one crazy night in the windy city. Morgan and his best friend Katie are both in post-breakup funks, more content to ride the sofa and blog than to go and experience life. However, Morgan’s roommate Jason is having none of that! What kind of night will they have? That’s completely up to the audience. It is a choose-your-own-adventure, after all! Will this gang have the night of their lives or will they come home early? And, when confronted with choices of their own will you let them make the right call? Party On Chicago!: The Choose-Your-Own-Drinking-Adventure is the comedy ride you have been looking for: filled with drinking games and hilarious twist and turns throughout the evening...I mean, a penguin appears?  Say wha’?!?



Show Rating - R
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