Super Jane!


Gorilla Tango Originals proudly presents:

Written by Susan and Frank R. Sjodin 

Directed by Meagan Piccochi

Do you have what it takes to be a superhero? Of course you do! Everyone does! Watch as Jane, with the help of her puppet friends, learns to become the superhero she’s always been. This fun, educational show intertwines songs, puppetry, audience-participation, and more to keep your child engaged and excited through the whole show.  Super Jane! is geared towards children 0-5.


Mark West.........Rhodes

Olivia Candocia...Jane

Ryan Jendryeski..Sam

Chrystal Brown....Lucy



Stage Managed: Taylor Tolleson

Technical Director: Kayla Adams

Costume Manager: Jacquelyn E. Unger

The song "Marching Game" featured original arrangement by 
Maurice West, II



Show Rating - G
Show Type -