The Plucky Show


It's Chicago's newest monthly variety show, THE PLUCKY SHOW! Equal parts Pee-wee's Playhouse, the Carol Burnett Show, and old school vaudeville, enjoy live music, comedy and dance in this unique night of cabaret theater. Join host Plucky Rosenthal and a cast of lovable characters as a roster of ever-changing variety acts showcase the best in Chicago's alternative comedy and variety scene.

June features:
Your lovable host Plucky Rosenthal
Tim Joyce on guitar and dobro
Jeff Rukes on drums
The Noah Ginex Puppet Company
Carrie Shemanski as banjo-playing arch nemesis
Yucky Shemanski
Erin Thorn as obsessive neighbor Rosey Thorn
Erica Reid and Fuzzy Gerdes as eccentric dance and elocution teachers Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster
The comic stylings of Alexandra Tsarpalas as the Audience Volunteer
Burlesque from Bella Ciao and Ramona Mourir
The special shadow puppet film "Spot of Bother" created by Myra Su, operated by Myra Su and Sneha Elango
And more!


Show Rating - PG
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