Mom Baby God


Hailed by The Nation’s Dave Zirin as “a tour de force that serves both the movement for reproductive rights and the art of theater with extreme effectiveness,” MOM BABY GOD is an immersive one-woman show that brings audiences face-to-face with the anti-abortion movement.

The show follows Jessica Beth Giffords, a 15-year-old girl who is equal parts Justin Bieber superfan and aspiring pro-life celebrity, as she attends the Students for Life of America Conference.Throughout the hour-long solo performance, we follow Jessica as she absorbs the misinformation in an abstinence-only workshop and struggles to contain her crush on a flirtatious Christian boy who sports a purity ring. Seven other characters based on real-life pro-life activists--from crisis pregnancy center directors to abstinence-only educators to self-described “pro-life feminists”-- provide humorous, insightful and alarming looks into the anti-abortion movement at a time when reproductive rights are at the center of U.S. political debate.

Developed by reproductive rights activist, actor and playwright Madeline Burrows, MOM BABY GOD is based on a year of undercover research and interviews at anti-abortion conferences, fundraisers and rallies. Forty years after Roe v. Wade, MOM BABY GOD explores how girls develop a sense of self and sexuality amidst the ongoing political backlash against feminism and reproductive rights.

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