Gorilla Tango Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All positions are paid, unless otherwise indicated.

Our new works program, Gorilla Tango Originals, opens 3-5 shows a month, so we encourage you to submit even if you are not available for the posted position.


Technical Directors

Gorilla Tango Originals is seeking a Technical Director for The Blood Line: A CTA Horror Story in Spring 2017.

Time Commitment

Rehearsals:    Production meetings throughout February, first read-thru, and occasional rehearsals as needed.

Production:   Performances are Saturday evenings starting April 8th until May 27th at 11pm (call would be 10:30pm).

Costume Managers

Gorilla Tango Originals is seeking two Costume Managers for two upcoming shows:

Love Me Tinder: Swipe Right & The Blood Line: A CTA Horror Story

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals:   Production meetings throughout February, first read-thru, and occasional rehearsals as needed.

Production:  Both shows open the week of April 3rd.

Skills & Qualifications:

-Previous Costume Design Experience

-Ability to design, construct, and maintain the costumes


Foley Artist

Gorilla Tango Originals is in search of an artist to provide sound effects for B-Movie re-creations, which would include the sounds you create and dialogue provided by improv actors.  This is a paid position.

Time Commitment

Performances: The show will be held Tuesday nights in May and June, with a possible show on April 20, 2017

Rehearsals: The rehearsals will work around your schedule.


-Previous foley artist experience

-Interest in cult and horror movies

-Experience with improv preferred

-Ideal candidate will own or have access to applicable props


Stage Managers

Gorilla Tango Originals is in search of an experienced stage manager for an upcoming improv show involving interaction with cult B-Movies (different movie each week). The shows will be held Tuesday nights in May and June, with a possible preview performance on 4/20/17.

This position will require some time for rehearsals as well as performances.


Vertical Director Position

General Job Description:
An entrepreneurial opportunity, the Vertical Director position shall engage in activities to create and promote shows under the Gorilla Tango name to be produced at Gorilla Tango Theatre, which align with a specific theatre genre or “Vertical” (e.g. Sketch, Musical, Improv, Cabaret, Burlesque, Physical Theatre, etc.). You will work as the leader and manager of a vertical team which consists of an Artistic Director and Creative Director in order to actively seek and recruit Writers/Directors/Performers to develop and produce specific shows within your defined vertical, targeted at specific audience profiles (following the “GTT R&D Process”). You are responsible for ensuring that your vertical is actively producing a predefined number of shows each year and that all processes are adhered to by your entire team. You must be passionate about your vertical, detail-oriented, thorough, and not afraid to problem solve. The goal is to create successful, high-quality shows, and promote our brand, our reputation and our growth.

•You are responsible for recruiting the Artistic and Creative Directors of your vertical, as required, and ensuring they are following all standard procedures and working with you to meet targeted benchmarks.
•You will brainstorm and develop ideas with actionable steps on how to effectively reach creative people within your vertical industry.
•You will set your own vertical budget based on earned revenue of your vertical.
•You will collaborate with the Artistic and Creative Directors of your vertical in order to create and innovate, with the end result being high quality shows which target and connect with a specific audience.
•You are responsible for ensuring that all steps along the production process are adhered to and align with the Gorilla Tango Core Values.
•You are responsible for making sure all contracts come back signed and completed.
•You are responsible to make sure there is a complete “pipeline” of productions within your vertical. This means first get some shows going and into the “pipeline,” and then work to develop a system that keeps the pipeline full.
•You will meet weekly with the CEO to talk about your results from the previous weeks’ action plan. This is an opportunity for encouragement, learning, growth and engagement. You will attend regular (minimum monthly) meetings with your entire Vertical Team.
•You will collaborate and share Best Practices with other Vertical Teams in order to not only help our other Vertical Directors, but also to build a culture of success and teamwork within our walls.
•We are a for-profit business model and believe that Every theatre person is a business person. Vertical Directors must subscribe to this philosophy and champion the benefits and success of a “For Profit” performing arts venue and business model.

Compensation / Commission Structure:
This position is commission only and does not offer a base salary, a draw, or any other form of compensation or benefits.

Commission is based on net monthly revenue within your vertical. Vertical Directors control 25% of net revenue of the vertical. As a part of the budgeting process of that 25%, you will be able to allocate this budget however you see fit to produce the desired outcomes. Strategies can include paying yourself the entire amount of the budget so you can focus on your vertical, or using the budget to scale up the vertical, and then methodically budgeting more pay for yourself, etc.

You will be provided with a detailed accounting of all revenues within your vertical at the time we issue you a check. You have unlimited access at any time to see the numbers within your vertical. We want to ensure the compensation system is completely transparent and easily understood and that you are budgeting for yourself and your vertical in the most efficient manner.

Vertical budget samples based on hypothetical monthly receipts:
$10,000 net monthly receipt = $2,500 budget for the following month
$20,000 net monthly receipt = $5,000 budget for the following month
$30,000 net monthly receipt = $7,500 budget for the following month
$40,000 net monthly receipt = $10,000 budget for the following month

Monthly Sales Goals (Net dollars per month in revenue):
Month 1-2 = (no expected revenue)
Month 3-4 = $5,000/month (approximately 2 performances/shows per week)
Month 5-6 = $10,000/month (approximately 4 performances/shows per week)
Month 7+ = $25,000/month (approximately 10 performances/shows per week)

Application Procedure:
Interested candidates should complete the following survey:

Once that has been completed, please forward your resume and cover letter to Ellen White ([email protected]).