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We are a performance venue where everyone is welcome!

Co-Produce a Show

At Gorilla Tango, we pair with all kinds of artists as a venue partner. The one thing these artists have in common is a readiness to share their work beyond the rehearsal room or home studio. The mission of our theater is to provide the scaffolding to get you from rehearsal to performance and – just as importantly – to provide you with a financially sustainable rental model so you can keep creating your work show after show. Since 2006, we have co-produced over 1,000 projects and have worked with a huge variety of companies, many of whom have gone on to officially incorporate as theatre companies, get their own spaces, and even continue to work with us season after season.

To set up a tour of our theater or to inquire about performance date availability, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Who Does What?

We Supply (included)

  • Venue
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Basic Marketing
  • Light and Sound Equipment
  • Box-office Staff
  • Online Ticketing
  • House Management

You Supply

  • A Show
  • A Guarantee to Cover Your Slice of Overhead for Your Show Timeslots
  • Excitement

What's the Deal?

you guarantee

minimum ticket revenue per performance (up to 90 mins; $120 per additional 15 mins); then we split net ticket revenue beyond that minimum 50/50.

All shows produced at GTT include all services (including rehearsal space) at no extra charge.

GT Chicago[Bucktown] Floorplan

Distribution Network

GTT is now focusing on distributing financially successful shows to other theatres nationwide! All shows performed at our space are considered for distribution.

distribution network

Producer Portal

To make things easier for those producing their shows at GTT, we give you access to a special section of our Producers' Portal to use for FREE rehearsal scheduling, real time ticket sales, access to our great PR info, and more!

GT Web portal

Rehearsal Space

GTT rents out affordable dedicated rehearsal space to all producers - even if your show is not performing at GTT! Login to the Producer Portal to check out our Chicago[Bucktown] venue availability and book your rehearsals per hour as needed. You will find GTT's hourly rates the most affordable in the Chicago area!

Rehearsal space

Check Availibility

Want a tour of the theatre? Want to find out what dates are available? Contact [email protected] (or fill out the form) for more information.