Stoners and smokers alike! Grab your buds and come celebrate 4/20 with an evening of cannabis comedy: “Marijuanarama!” For the fourth year in a row, the EEK! Theatre Company opens up their secret stash to bring you sketches, songs, and stand-up celebrating the earthly herb. But this year, it’s a brand new bag featuring ALL NEW material. You won’t ‘juana miss this HIGH-larious night of tokin’ and jokin’ that will have you laughing long after your buzz has died off.

Two performances! Two chances to get your legal dose of THC: Tickles, Ha Ha’s, and Chuckles. Come check out the comedy extrava-ganja "Marijuanarama!” Because it’s high time we all had a laugh.

Produced by EEK! Theatre Company.


Show Rating - R
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