The 51st Ward: Stormy, Husky & Brawling


Most of Chicago believes that there are 50 aldermanic wards in the great city we call home. However, in the city charter is a little known provision for a 51st ward that provides a dumping ground for the rest of the city's wards. Any place that an Alderman doesn't want in his ward gets gerrymandered into the 51st. With notable sites such as Mrs. O'Leary's former barn to H.H. Holmes' former murder castle and Steve Bartman's single seat at Wrigley Field, the 51st ward is spread all over The City of Big Shoulders. This improvised show is the story of the staff at the 51st ward. They work with the residents of the ward to cover for the ward’s absentee alderman and create solutions to the many issues plaguing the ward and our city. Each week, the 51st ward will tackle the issues important to their audience, in the city that Carl Sandburg called stormy, husky and brawling.

Produced by Matt Hicks/Wicked Good Productions


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